On Tue, 4 Nov 2008, Byung-Hee HWANG wrote:

> Yep, i agree with spam reduction. However, i was telling you the method
> has a risk. You guy need to consider again why the SPF [RFC4408]
> remained as Experimental RFC instead of Standards Track at IETF.

Yes, we know its experimental at this stage, but the fact it works well
for 99% of ISP's and companies means it is more than worth the risk.
>>> Recently i'm going with DKIM [RFC4871] as an alternative technique to
>>> reduce spam and phishing. DKIM is more reasonable, smooth, exact than

>> DKIM is a joke, is it yahoo or gmail or maybe both? use that, and look
>> at all the spam that comes from them.

> Well, i believe that over the long term, DKIM is win. It means that
> peoples adopt reasonable things, at last ;;

How can it win? all it does is confirm the spammer is authorised to spam
from that domain .. just look at the mess google is responsible for but
as I said each to our own.


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