>>>>> "Olaf" == Olaf M Kolkman writes:

Olaf> The details are further addressed in proto. These issues
Olaf> have been the subject of a number of questions that where
Olaf> posted to the mailinglist over the last few months. Let us
Olaf> not re-iterate.

I have to say that as someone reading the doc set for the first time,
I this point confusing. -protocol clearly states (2.3) that
delegation points require NSEC records.

But -records states that the NSEC RR contains the owner name of the
next authoritate RRset (section 4, and again in 4.1.1) and as Derek
points out this is not true, since an insecure delegation contains no
authoritative data.

This seems to me to be an editorial error in -records


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