Scott Haneda wrote:
> I have an A record change that needs to happen across many zones. I
> have the old ipand of course the new ip. Can someone help me with a
> command to find and replace across multiple files please.
> I also will need to do a serial update as well, and that could be any
> number and not cinsistant.
> I am using unix not windows.

Editing zonefiles safely, and updating serial numbers, is a pain in the
butt. That's why I migrated towards using Dynamic Update exclusively for
all updates. You could put a loop around

zone $ZONE.
prereq yxrrset foo.$ZONE. a
update delete foo.$ZONE. a
update foo.$ZONE. 10800 a

and be done with it. Note that the prereq is optional, and its only
purpose is to get a meaningful error code if there is a bug or
malfunction in the higher-level logic, or a concurrency issue (i.e.
someone else changing the record at the same time).

The Net:NS module of Perl has more scriptable Dynamic Update
capabilities, and can even sign the updates with a TSIG key.

- Kevin