it's far too late in the day for me to write something detailed, but
quickly, I'd suggest you look at grep and sed.

If you're a perl guy, I've heard there are modules that make
parsing/changing zone files pretty easy.

Changing the serial will probably be your biggest problem ... maybe some
trickery with awk to grab it.

As for the record change

cat zonefile | sed 's/servername A A' > tmp.zonefile

the formatting will have to be exact. I'm sure some sed wizzards out
there can tell you a much better way, but assuming your files are all
somewhat standard, that is a quick and dirty way to change the record.

backup all files before trying anything.

good luck!


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Subject: Global change of ip

I have an A record change that needs to happen across many zones. I have
the old ipand of course the new ip. Can someone help me with a command
to find and replace across multiple files please.

I also will need to do a serial update as well, and that could be any
number and not cinsistant.

I am using unix not windows.


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