> > Did you set prefix to
> > /usr/local/bind or etcdir to /usr/local/bind/etc?
> >
> > named will by default search in directories you configured at compile
> > time.

On 29.10.08 23:09, Stephen Liu wrote:
> xen03:/usr/local/src/bind-9.5.0#./configure --prefix=/usr/local/bind

in such case, named will work in /usr/local/bind and search for config file
in /ust/local/bind/etc.

If you chroot to /usr/local/bind, named will search for default config file
/usr/local/bind/usr/local/bind/etc/named.conf, unless you provide any with
"-c" command line option, and for other files in


So now you need to specify named.conf file (which you already do) and have
to use "directory" option in the config file for other files not to be
searched in /usr/local/bind/usr/local/bind/etc/.

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