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> > Can't find the line "/usr/local/bind/etc/rndc.key" on
> > named.root/name.conf

> Did you compile bind by yourself?


> Did you set prefix to
> /usr/local/bind or etcdir to /usr/local/bind/etc?
> named will by default search in directories you configured at compile
> time.

xen03:/usr/local/src/bind-9.5.0#./configure --prefix=/usr/local/bind
xen03:/usr/local/src/bind-9.5.0# make

xen03:/usr/local/src/bind-9.5.0# make install
mkdir /usr/local/bind/var
mkdir /usr/local/bind/var/run
mkdir /usr/local/bind/etc
/usr/bin/install -c isc-config.sh /usr/local/bind/bin
* end *

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