On Oct 28, 2008, at 2:58 AM, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:

> On 27.10.08 20:19, Scott Haneda wrote:
>> Hello, I hope this should be fairly simple, most of this is just me
>> looking to understand how a certain process works.
>> I have a primary NS where I add in new domains, delete old ones, and
>> of course, update existing ones. My colocation provider has several
>> NS's, but I only use one as a secondary, and only list one as a
>> secondary in my NS records.

> Don't do that, unless colo approves it's ok. I'm angry at curstomers
> that
> list servers as they decide, because that may break some things.

As am I, I also get a little annoyed at customers that do not tell me
they drop a host, and then do not delete my NS records from their
registrar. Given how openDNS totally fubars' that case, it is even
more important to me that records be kept tidy.

I have only done what my colo asks of me, I did not add the rest, as
they told me to only add one.

> If colo provides several nameservers, ask them what to use.
> If you'll have more nameservers, you'll have lower chance lookups to
> fail.

That is exactly what I am doing, I was told to use one, and that is
all I am using.