On 28.10.08 13:25, Stephen Liu wrote:
> Further to my last posting I found the cause of the problem.

> 28-Oct-2008 05:20:24.549 could not configure root hints from '
> /etc/named.root': file not found
> 28-Oct-2008 05:20:24.549 loading configuration: file not found
> 28-Oct-2008 05:20:24.549 exiting (due to fatal error)

> Changing the line;
> file " /etc/named.root";

> Whether it is necessary to put the full path of "/named.root"? If YES,
> what will be the full path?

> On which file specifies ROOTDIR? TIA

either /etc/named.root, or /etc/named.root
- do you chroot?
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