On Mon, 2008-10-27 at 18:00 -0500, Kevin Darcy wrote:
> It would require a code hack, and since it's an unethical thing to do,
> good luck finding an experienced BIND hacker who would be willing to do
> it...

its not unethical to do this in some situations, I agree sitefinder was
bad because of a bunch of problems that it caused and that it
capitalized on typos, effectively buying all unused domains, but that is
not the case in this situation. Its not even for ads, which generally
you cant just view yourself, so even that wouldnt be viable for what I
am describing as my needs.

OpenDNS does this and what they are doing is not unethical. They even
do it to capture search engine revenue, for example if you use OpenDNS
and goto google, it really goes to their page so all the ad revenue goes
to them. This is how they pay for the services they provide without
making the consumers pay. They also do phishing redirects and similar
things to their servers but in those cases that is per host targeted
stuff. Again I do not see this as unethical at all, opendns.com

As for a developer I think that somewhere in the millions of lines of C
that I have written over the last couple decades should make it not
terribly difficult to do. Especially since for the most part it wont be
that invasive since the functionality largely already exists in the

Because of the comments like this that I have received its basically
making me want to maintain that patch forward and sell it as a revenue
generation system to every isp and wifi hot spot company out there so
most access points to the internet operate this way.

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