On Mon, 2008-10-27 at 11:10 -0700, Gregory Hicks wrote:
> So, your comments about not reading your message... Right back at you
> re my message.
> FYI, the bind-users newsgroup is not the place to discuss OpenDNS or
> ORSN... Sorry!

I didnt bring them up you did. Basically I have to say not only have
you proved that you are illiterate and unable to read simple email
messages but generally an ass as a person and not too bright.

I asked for help, you made it clear that you do not want anyone to help
in any way, presumably why you either did read the message as you
claimed and then lied about its contents, or did not read the message
and lied about reading it. I will go on the basis that you didnt read
it as that is the least offensive thing you could have done.

You could have read the original email to see how what you are saying is
not even that close to what I was saying, you could have read my offer
to create a patch, thus I am aware that it does not at this time support
it, you could have read the config instead of not reading and insisting
I didnt include one, you could have read that I was aware of the issues
instead of insulting me for asking about this, you could have done a lot
of things, but you chose instead to create a hostile environment and
degrade the list, possibly further than it was.

Basically you are a waste of time, at least in this issue but my guess
is in others, so I will no longer respond to your hostility, your
ignorance and general stupidity. If you wish to grow up, get a clue and
actually listen to others then I may reconsider ranking you as a waste
of time, probably not though.

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