On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 02:47:41PM +0200,
Dominik Friedrichs wrote
a message of 22 lines which said:

> Im looking for a list of all TLDs that have a restricted second
> level zone, like .co.uk.

What about TLD which register both at second level and third level,
like ".fr", ".dz" or ".af"?

> But surely there are some more. I realize this is a little
> off-topic, but i couldnt find a better place to ask.

There is no such list. If it existed, it would be outdated quite
rapidly since registries change their policies (and you do not want to
keep an eye on it). Specially if ICANN create dozens of new TLD, each
one with a different policy.

> I need this for a SPAM URI-Blocklist lookup script (SURBL), which has to
> decide whether or not to include the third level domain in the lookup query.

Bad idea. Microsoft, Konqueror and Mozilla (in ascending order of
sanity) already tried and failed.