Beavis wrote:
> Greetings,
> Just wanted to ask if this is a possible scenario.
> IN CNAME www
> www IN CNAME

I assume is the "apex" name of a _zone_, right?

If so, then the above is illegal. Why? Because at the apex of a zone you
have an SOA record and at least 2 NS records. The rule is: you can't
have a CNAME at a node if there is other data present at that node. So
the presence of the SOA/NS records forbid the creation of the CNAME.
You'll get a "CNAME and other data" error if you try this.

It is, however, perfectly legal and acceptable for to own
a CNAME pointing at a zone apex, or any other name that does not itself
own a CNAME, -unless- is itself a subzone of

Short version of answer: you can't CNAME the apex of a zone.

- Kevin