Hello, I have just moved from a desktop app that managed named and its
configurations and zone files. I started from scratch, and setup
named to my liking.

As far as I can tell, all is working pretty well. I have a nice clean
template file that I use when adding in new zones.

My main issue, which is largely cosmetic, is that I am not happy with
the formatting in the old zone files that the desktop application
created. Tab stops are not lined up, it uses seconds over the easier
for me to read Day, Hour etc formatting. Further, most data is all on
one line, and not wrapped in "(" and ")".

Technically, the zone files work fine, from a administrative
perspective, they are hard to edit.

Are there any tools that can run through all my zones and put them
into a more human readable format?

One thing I did notice, is all my slave zones came in, and were
created in a pretty nice format. So one option would be to pull the
slave zones from the slave server, and use those as the masters.
However, those would still require a lot of cleaning, granted, the
cleaning would be consistent across all files, making it easier.

As I said, it is largely cosmetic, and all new zones get put in as I
want them. I am just looking for a nice way to get them into what I
would call a more standard format.

Thanks for all your help.