On Thursday 09 October 2008 16:41, Todd Snyder wrote:

> I work in a highly change controlled environment, and one of the things
> that flags a change as no-go is having to restart named due to the risk
> of taking down a functional server due to a misconfig.
> We have mitigated this to some extent by using rndc reloads to load new
> zone info, allowing for lower risk changes to zones. However, adding
> new zones is still considered high risk, as a restart of the daemon is
> required. Additionally, we lose the cache, which could negatively
> impact service.
> So my question is this - is it possible to add a new zone to a currently
> running server and have it load? If there are named.conf/zonefile
> typos, will that impact any currently running zones? I suspect that
> rndc recofig may do what I want, however finding definitive information
> about exactly what is going on, and what the risks are, is diffcult.
> The googles are failing me today, or my google fu is weak.
> They key features I need are that existing functional zones couldn't be
> impacted, and the cache isn't lost.

'rndc reconfig' should do what you are looking for. If you are worried about
it then you have 2 choices;

1. Setup a test server and give it a try.
(best then you see how it's going to react)
2. Do the updates off hours.

I'm not getting why you are so worried about the cache. These records have
TTL's and expire anyway until the next request.



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