Todd Snyder wrote:
> Good day to all,
> I work in a highly change controlled environment, and one of the things
> that flags a change as no-go is having to restart named due to the risk
> of taking down a functional server due to a misconfig.
> We have mitigated this to some extent by using rndc reloads to load new
> zone info, allowing for lower risk changes to zones. However, adding
> new zones is still considered high risk, as a restart of the daemon is
> required. Additionally, we lose the cache, which could negatively
> impact service.
> So my question is this - is it possible to add a new zone to a currently
> running server and have it load? If there are named.conf/zonefile
> typos, will that impact any currently running zones? I suspect that
> rndc recofig may do what I want, however finding definitive information
> about exactly what is going on, and what the risks are, is diffcult.
> The googles are failing me today, or my google fu is weak.
> They key features I need are that existing functional zones couldn't be
> impacted, and the cache isn't lost.

The googles do nothing.

Don't you have a test environment?

rndc reconfig, possibly followed up with selective rndc reload's, should
get you what you want.

- Kevin