Found better solution to the problem.
On 10/9/08 11:35 AM, Rob Tanner wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a web server behind a firewall and in it's own address space that
> eventually will become a DMZ. The addresses on the public side of the
> firewall are not the same as on the private side, and the firewall takes
> care of the translations. Here's the problem. Because we run a proxy
> service for the library on that server, sometimes the server has to look
> up it's own address and send a get request to itself. But what it gets
> when it looks itself up is its public, in front of the firewall
> address. And because it's behind the firewall, it can't reach that address.
> Normally, /etc/hosts would be the perfect solution except that the proxy
> service requires wild card lookups (i.e., * and
> /etc/hosts does not recognize wild cards. The option I can think of is
> running a local DNS with forwarding enabled. There are only 4 IP
> addresses that the local server will be authoritative for (one
> segment), but it needs to think that it's authoritative for
> the entire domain but forward any address it can't resolve
> in that domain (i.e., any hostname that not one of the 4) to one of our
> regular servers. And that's what I can't figure out how to do.
> Can this even be done?
> Thanks,
> Rob Tanner
> UNIX Services Manager
> Linfield College, Oregon