I'm trying to test my local dns with dnswalk (newest version, v 2.0.2)
and I'm confused about the output. I've read the dnswalk man page and
searched the list archives but I'm none the wiser.

The output of dnswalk looks like this:

[root@mail slaves]# dnswalk xx.yyyyy.co.jp.
Checking xx.yyyyy.co.jp.
Getting zone transfer of xx.yyyyy.co.jp. from dev-gw.xx.yyyyy.co.jp...done.
SOA=dev-gw.xx.yyyyy.co.jp contact=root.xx.yyyyy.co.jp
BAD: xx.yyyyy.co.jp NS mail.xx.yyyyy.co.jp: CNAME (to mail)
WARN: xx.yyyyy.co.jp MX mail.xx.yyyyy.co.jp: CNAME (to mail)
0 failures, 1 warnings, 1 errors.

And here is my zone file:

[root@dev-gw named]# cat db.xx.yyyyy.co.jp

$TTL 86400 ; 1 day
xx.yyyyy.co.jp IN SOA dev-gw.xx.yyyyy.co.jp.
root.xx.yyyyy.co.jp. (
2008100905 ; serial
10800 ; refresh (3 hours)
3600 ; retry (1 hour)
604800 ; expire (1 week)
86400 ; minimum (1 day)
NS dev-gw.xx.yyyyy.co.jp.
NS mail.xx.yyyyy.co.jp.
MX 10 mail.xx.yyyyy.co.jp.
$ORIGIN xx.yyyyy.co.jp.
mail A
dev-gw A

If dnswalk is still a reliable tool, could someone help with deciphering
its report please.

Thanks very much.

Ian Masters