Hi. I download ISC bind-9.5.0, and install ActivePerl, openssl. After execute buildsetup.bat, I open win32utils\BINDBuild.dsw in MSVC 7.1 and start to build it. But in building, it prompt some error, all of them are releted to a line in inclue/isc/event.h(81):
#define ISC_EVENT_COMMON(ltype) \
size_t ev_size; \
unsigned int ev_attributes; \
void * ev_tag; \
isc_eventtype_t ev_type; \
isc_taskaction_t ev_action; \
void * ev_arg; \
void * ev_sender; \
isc_eventdestructor_t ev_destroy; \
void * ev_destroy_arg; \
ISC_LINK(ltype) ev_link
the "size_t" is defined as "typedef _W64 unsigned int size_t".

My project option is win32. Anyone could tell me how to solve it?

Another problem:
I can use nsupdate command to change DNS record successfully. But when I use it to open a script file, all reply message is NOERROR, but nslookup didn't return the right IPs.
Commands input by user interactively and in the script file are identical:
zone mydomain.com
update add test1.mydomain.com 100 IN A
update del

Is there some difference between script file mode and interactive mode?

Thansk a lot.

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