Be warned, "Simple Perl utility" = requires Postgres. Sigh.


Manish Gupta - ???? ?????? wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am not sure whether it is a right forum for this announcement.
> However, considering the fact that this list has users of bind as
> subscribers, this announcement should be useful for them. If this is not
> a right forum apologies in advance.
> While patching our DNS servers to protect them from latest DNS
> vulnerability, I felt a lack of DNS cache audit utility. After few days
> Jose Avila released his CacheAudit utility. However, I wanted a utility
> that could generate a audit report of the cache, which then could be
> given to a security analyst for analysis.
> I sat down and wrote dnscacheaudit utility in perl. It is a simple perl
> utility to audit entries in the bind cache. At the end of the run this
> utility creates a pdf report showing number of domain in the bind cache
> that has different IP address in the cache from the reference servers.
> This utility is inspired by CacheAudit utility by Jose Avila and is
> released under BSD license.
> I wrote this utility on Fedora Core 6 and tested against DNS cache from
> bind that comes with Solaris 10.
> It is hosted on sourceforge and can be downloaded from
> Word of encouragement/critic, etc would be highly appreciated.
> Thanks and Regards
> Manish