Hi all,

I am wondering why queryport-pool-ports and queryport-pool-updateinterval syntaxes are described and documented in BIND 9.5 ARM while it is obsolete'd in the code?

I wish to be educated as to why (if its deprecated forever), and perhaps ideas (website links) on the new implementation/replacement syntax for BIND 9.5.0-P2 ++


$ grep -R -n -e "queryport" work/bind-9.5.0-P2/lib/*
work/bind-9.5.0-P2/lib/isccfg/namedconf.c:785: { "queryport-pool-ports", &cfg_type_uint32, CFG_CLAUSEFLAG_OBSOLETE },
work/bind-9.5.0-P2/lib/isccfg/namedconf.c:786: { "queryport-pool-updateinterval", &cfg_type_uint32,
work/bind-9.5.0-P2/lib/isccfg/namedconf.c:798: { "use-queryport-pool", &cfg_type_boolean, CFG_CLAUSEFLAG_OBSOLETE },