I am experimenting with ipfilter to enable a rudimentary firewall on a
Solaris 10 server (, below). This server does *not* allow
routing, so all I am concerned with is packets coming into and out of the
server itself.

I have brought up a slave nameserver on it so that I can investigate what
ports are needed for responding to lookups and for zone transfers. It
looks like this is what I need:

### For nameservers: Allow DNS lookups from selected networks.
pass in quick proto udp from (my internal IP ranges) to
port=53 keep state

### For nameservers: Allow zone transfers from the master.
pass in quick proto tcp from (DNS master) to ### all tcp ports
pass out quick proto tcp from to (DNS master) ### all tcp ports

Because the zone tranfers are tcp over random high order ports, it looks
like I need to allow all tcp ports from the master. Is there another way
to do this? The master does have the
options { query-source address * port 53; };
btw, but connections to for zone transfers appear to around
port number 35000 still.

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