If you were working on the master wouldn't it just go to your secondary
server (or vice versa) anyway without the F5? Do you do it to reduce
latency for people trying to resolve the domains you host?

That is to say if you've already put the two DNS servers in all your
Registrars wouldn't that take care of it?

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We implement it so that we can do maintenance and/or lease-replacements
on our servers transparently and without having to change anything at
the registrar (which can be a pain when you host thousands of domains).

- Kevin

Jeff Lightner wrote:
> I believe you can so long as you have a secondary NIC in each to do

> transfers from master to slave.
> However to everything on the VIP it's going to look like one server.
> You'd have to make sure you only used the one VIP in your Registrars'
> records.
> However since DNS is designed to have two servers there doesn't seem

> be much reason to do the Big-IP load balance and failover in the first
> place just for DNS.
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> Hi All
> Can I still have the Master/Slave configuration of DNS on servers when
> they serve through a VIP set on Big-IP in load balance and failover
> mode?
> Thanks
> Nehal