I have a master and slave server on the same subnet (I know It's not
the best way to proceed).
I have configured master and slave using TSIG for zone transfer and
everything seems find.

I still have errors with refresh of the zones on my external view.

Do you know how I can force these refresh to querry a specific address.

The problem is that It's querrying instead of
(complex NAT situation) //
It should ask the refresh at IP and not //

20-Feb-2007 10:23:07.167 info: zone agir.com/IN/externe: refresh:
retry limit for master exceeded (source
20-Feb-2007 10:23:07.167 info: zone agir.com/IN/externe: Transfer
20-Feb-2007 10:24:22.171 error: transfer of 'agir.com/IN' from failed to connect: timed out
20-Feb-2007 10:24:22.171 info: transfer of 'agir.com/IN' from end of transfer


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