Leonard Mills wrote:
> check-names master ignore
> might well be what you're looking for. You lose name checking against the current standards :-).

*That's* the question: what are the standards as BIND sees them? The RFCs
referenced in here and in the docs specify what's "official" (or what was
official years ago) but that's not necessarily the same as what BIND does:

"The rules for legal hostnames / mail domains are derived from RFC 952 and
RFC 821 as modified by RFC 1123." (from BIND docs)

OK, so just what is derived? Did they take the rules verbatim? Or do they
allow some and not others? SRV records *require* the underbar, but they
aren't mentioned in any of the RFCs above or any posted here today ...

So the question stands - what do I lose if I choose "check-names slave

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