On Thu, 11 Sep 2008, SRINIVAS K wrote:
> ******* I am new guy working on BIND. I am using the bind 9.3.5-P2 for
> my Debian Linux.My named* not*generating*the file named_dump.db.I
> specified the path in the conf file also.

If you have your rndc setup, run "rndc dumpdb"

By default it is saved in a file called "named_dump.db" -- what did you
specify in your dump-file option? If you are running BIND in a chroot
environment look under it.

> When*I use the debug options it not showing any error.

Maybe you don't have any errors?

> For*every same(say* xyz.com)*request the it is forwarding the request to
> the forwarders.Please help me to find out the what is the problem.

Are you saying you don't want to use forwarders? If you don't want
forwarding, comment out your forwarders option(s) and restart named or run
rndc reconfig