Hi all,

Our postmasters switched the recursive named's on their smtp receivers
from 9.4.1 to 9.5.0p1 lately and i noticed a 5 fold increase of queries
against two of our authoritative servers. It turned out that it was the
mailservers named's querying for the zone they reside in - repetatively -
meaning the cache apparently was either not used at all for that zone or
it was not LRU anymore.
Raising the max cache size from 30 to 100mb and restarting the process
seems to have helped.

My question is: Are there high watermark situations where the cache in
9.5 does not do LRU anymore or is it more likely that this was just a
'glitch' in the cache (on 16 independant machines btw.)?

Yes, i know the working set is probably larger than 30mb.
Yes, they are aware of p2.
No, it is not my decision to make.

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