Good evening from a wet colorado fall night.

I want to say first, thank you so much to the ISC team, you
have provided an amazing array of top class software and I
have enjoyed using it. Thank you.

Ok, let me get straight to it. I have a been steadily upgrading
through the various 9.x versions, and most recently have had
9.5.0-P1 running, and have followed all the posts on this list
with respect to the memory leaks, etc. I, too, have noticed
this. What I did was put an entry in my crontab file (yes, I'm
old school, and use cron on windows to time my jobs...) to
restart bind every 8 hours. This has been an ok workaround...the
memory gets freed, and bind starts up clean. I loose the
cache, to be sure, but at least I don't run out of pagefile.

I got the note that 9.5.0-P2-W1 was out, and upgraded. I just
do the upgrade manually, by replacing files by hand, its
just easier that way and I know where everything goes. I do have
to reboot to free the lock on bindevt.dll but other than that,
its straightforward.

All seemed to be going fine, then I noticed bind wasn't resolving
after an hour or so.

It responds fine to an rndc status, but not to dig or nslookup; it
just times out. In addition, the log file shows the following entry:
client: error: UDP client handler shutting down due to fatal receive error:
end of file
(I'm aware of this on 'nix, but this is win32 mind you...)

I also noted in the win event app log, the following upon startup:
the 'files' limit (2048) is less than FD_SETSIZE (16384), increase 'files'
in named.conf or recompile with a smaller FD_SETSIZE.
I don't use the files option...which should default to unlimited, so
what that means is a mystery. I put in a files option with 16385 and
still got the error notice.

I've rolled back to 9.5.0-P1 with my cron 8 hour restart for now.

So...any ideas guys? cheers!