I'm being asked to create a record to point one domain name at a
separate domain for which we have an SSL security certificate installed.
This is due to slight variation in zone names (e.g. primary is something
like cat.com and the other one is cats.com.) We are authoritative for
both domains.

While I can think of a couple of ways to make it go to the primary zone
(cname or alias zone file) my thought is it won't work because no matter
how you get there the certificate is going to be for cat.com but the URL
typed in will be for cats.com and it will complain about it. Can
someone confirm that?

Alternatively if there is a way to make it work can someone let me know
what would need to be done?

This is BIND 9.3.1-P1 (backported for Kaminski attack fix).

I know that SSL certs aren't a BIND thing per se - I'm just wondering if
there is a BIND way to make it do this.
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