SpamList wrote:
> I was reading through the release notes on the latest updates to BIND
> 9.4.x, and noticed that there is a note in there that Windows 2000 is no
> longer being supported.
> This leads me to two questions:
> 1) Does this mean that there are OS or API level features now being used
> in BIND that are not available on Windows 2000,

Yes. ConnectEx() is not available prior to Windows XP.

or does this simply mean
> that ISC and their associated testers are no longer running tests on the
> older OS?


> 2) What is the latest version of BIND that *is* supported on Windows 2000?


> I've still got Windows 2000 deployed, and I'm not in a position to
> update those servers at the moment, so I need to find out which
> version(s) of BIND I can still use.
> Thank you for any information or assistance.