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>>> This is a copy of Debian bug #408701

>> Can you give the "configure" command that was used to get this?
>> Did you build from the BIND sources or from some other package?
>> What exactly are you doing? We need more information.

> Build from the orig tarball with:
> ./configure --prefix=/usr \
> --mandir=\$${prefix}/share/man \
> --infodir=\$${prefix}/share/info \
> --sysconfdir=/etc/bind \
> --localstatedir=/var/run/bind \
> --enable-threads \
> --with-libtool \
> --enable-shared \
> --enable-static \
> --with-openssl=/usr \
> --with-gnu-ld \
> --enable-ipv6
> Without --with-libtool I have the same

Can I make a strong suggestion. You have lots of options enabled in
configure. Be systematic and test each option one at a time to pin
down the exact problem.

Since you won't be worrying about the actual installation, you can
ignore all of the "*dir" specifications. So, ignore the "--prefix",
"--mandir", "--infodir", "--sysconfdir", "--localstatedir"
specifications for testing. You can specify these once you know
everything else functions.

To start simply, try "make clean; sh configure; make" (I always run
"make clean" just to insure that there is nothing left over from a
previous build). Then add the "configure" options one at a time to
identify the problem. A very short example of this strategy could be:

make clean; sh configure; make # base configuration
make clean; sh configure --enable-threads; make # "enable-threads"
make clean; sh configure --with-libtool; make # "with-libtool"
make clean; sh configure --enable-threads --with-libtool; make #
"enable-threads" + "with-libtool"

You would add each desired option to "configure" to see what happens.

Please note that you have included all sorts of options, many of
which are defaults. The options "--enable-static" and "--enable-
shared" default to "yes", and should not be necessary to explicitly
specify. What is your need to specify "--with-gnu-ld"? Also, what
version of OpenSSL are you using? According to the README file, this
must be 0.9.5a or newer. Finally, "--enable-ipv6" use is
automatically included if your operating system supports IPv6. So,
this option shouldn't really be necessary. If your operating system
support IPv6, IPv6 will automatically be included. (Then again,
there are issues with IPv6 on Linux. Read the doc/misc/ipv6 file for
more info.)

What I am suggesting is to try and simplify the "configure" statement
you are using and ensure that the options you are specifying are
truly necessary. You may be making a bigger deal of this than is

(Note that I am NOT a Linux developer, but I have run into similar
problems trying to include very possible option under MacOS X. What
I found was that I was trying to over-specify things and a simpler
setup functioned without the associated problems.)

Bill Larson