I have a very strange problem with a Bind server version 9.2.5 on Fedora
Core 3.

Named listen to one IPv4 address and any IPv6 address. The configuration
has been running for many months. No changes where made recently to the
configuration except for adding or removing slave zones.

The symptom is that the server does not answer request to the IPv6
address + port UDP 53. It still answers requests to the UDP and TCP port
53 using IPv4 and to the TCP port 53 using IPv6. Using dig on the
server, or on any server on the same LAN, leads to the following behavior :
- dig ns some.domain @IPv4-address : works fine
- dig +vc ns some.domain @IPv4-address : works fine
- dig +vc ns some.domain @IPv6-address: works fine
- dig ns some.domain @IPv6-address: works once or twice immediately
after restarting named, fails afterwards

The logs show the following message :
Jan 16 23:34:25 named[32125]: failed to get request's destination: failure
Jan 16 23:34:27 named[32125]: client.c:1325: unexpected error:

I had a look on client.c around line 1325 but it didn't help much.

Does someone on the list have an idea on what's wrong ?

Thanks very much in advance.


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