Run "rpm -qa |grep bind". This should show you which BIND packages are

To see "version" from BIND's standpoint you'd need to run "named -v" but
you may not have permission to do that without root - you may need
System Admins to setup sudo access to the named command and other BIND
utilities and directories.

Note on RHEL the named version returned by "named -v" doesn't tell the
whole story. There was a recent major vulnerability identified and
RedHat backported the fix to their versions (e.g. 9.3.4-P1) so it is the
package version from rpm -qa above that indicates whether you have the
backported fix.

Of course the above assumes you are not running a version of BIND that
someone downloaded and compiled locally.

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I'm in the process of learning more about BIND, as I'm now responsible
for DNS running on RHEL box. How do I determine which BIND version is
running? I do not have root privileges.
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