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Jon A. Solworth wrote
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> I went to DJB's talk at UIC on DNSCurve, and think its a very
> interesting proposal---and was a bit disappointed that it wasn't
> explored more on namedroppers.

There are several reasons:

1) djb did not take the trouble to publish anything looking like a
specification (even with a very broad definition of "specification").

2) djb is well known for some good ideas and a complete lack of human
interface. He gets the attention he deserves.

> I just recently subscribed, so please forgive me for not replying to
> the earlier thread.

I forgive but stealing a thread is unforgivable:

> 2. Cryptographic scheme: DNSCurve protects the communication links
> from attackers rather than the DNS records from modification. The
> advantage is that the relatively expensive operations involving the
> public/private key occur only once between each pair of hosts.

And the disadvantage is that a non-DNScurve cache in the middle
completely stops DNScurve (while DNSSEC still works).

> 3. Security: DNSCurve achieves much stronger cryptographic security then
> does 1024-bit RSA.

As mentioned here, DNSSEC could use elliptic curves:

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