On Tue, Sep 02, 2008 at 02:18:21PM +0100,
George Barwood wrote
a message of 35 lines which said:

> So I may believe I'm sending a query to a "root" server, but in fact
> I'm just sending a query to an IP address.

I cannot parse this sentence. If you send a query to a root name
server, you receive a reply from a root name server (unless you're
being attacked).

> If that IP address happens to be hosting other zones,

You mean "I may believe I'm sending a query to a PURE root name
server but, actually, it can host other zones". Correct?

> Now maybe in an ideal world, I would like the IP addresses used to
> host root and TLD zones ONLY to be used for that purpose, because it
> allows me to proceed efficiently. However in the real world, it's
> actually messy.

It is not messy, it is the way the DNS works and the way it always

I believe it was even used in U...S advertisments ("we host TLD and
some delegated domains, so it saves some round-trips").

> Maybe a list of TLDs which promise to only serve referrals could be
> compiled.

Ask Mozilla :-) Seriously, relying on published TLD policies is very

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