>Hello, first thanks for any help
>here is what i am attempting to do, we use bind for external DNS, A/D
>DNS for internal and now we have a group of mobile sales people that
>we want to use a different dns server, for.. I am using Windows 2003
>(rc2 sp2) and have gotten it set up, it transfers the zone BUT only
>the SOA, NS and A records for the NS's.. I had seen something about a
>hotfix, BUT the fix was to use the latest service pack, which is SP2,,
>the zone i want to xfer is on BIND, and has about 45 records total,
>yet it only xfers the 7 SOA, 3 NS records and 3 A of the NS's
>Any ideas?

I have never seen this on a MS Windows DNS Server. What is the hotfix
number? And what build of dns.exe are you running?
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