> On 2008-09-01 00:46, Mark Andrews wrote:
> > Additionally with sendto() you will tend to get locked onto
> > a open set of ports as you need to wait for the next response
> > whenever you re-use a port. With connect() each transaction
> > becomes almost completely independent of other transaction.

> I don't follow; when you have ~2^16 distinct source ports bound, how can
> you get locked into a sub-optimal set of ports?

Ususally you don't have 2^16 ports in use.

> Your point about combining connected UDP sockets with SO_REUSEADDR in
> order to take advantage of kernel filtering and avoid impacting on other
> uses of UDP is well taken, but a drawback I see is that your file
> descriptor set has to continue to grow past 2^16 if you don't actually
> reuse existing sockets.

Yes. There are tradeoffs everywhere in this space.


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