We're running two nameservers on Fedora Core 4. I updated the
secondary nameserver from BIND 9.3.1 to 9.3.5-P1 without a hitch. This
was a standard chroot config (yum -y install bind-chroot) and no yum
update was available so, I had to run configure to ensure that the
update installed into the correct directory tree (I had to do this
twice though - first installed incorrectly).

Once the update was complete - there were no problems on the secondary
nameserver and I ran it for a week to be sure we didn't encounter any
strange issues. That worked with no problem - so I decided to update
the primary nameserver using the same method. Everything seemed fine,
but when I went to restart rndc - I got the following:

[root@ns1 bind-9.3.5-P1]# rndc reload
rndc: neither /usr//etc/rndc.conf nor /usr//etc/rndc.key was found

Now, I noticed the double slash and realized I likely screwed up in
the configuration option by having a slash that shouldn't be there...
so I changed the configuration and did another make and that got rid
of the double slash, but not the problem. So, another sys admin did
the following:
1. /usr/etc/rndc.conf recreated. This is the one that rndc uses.
Removed all
others to avoid confusion.

2. Added teh following to named.conf:
key "rndc-key" {
algorithm hmac-md5;
secret "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";

3. changed named.conf controls line key to match above:
controls {
inet allow { localhost; } keys { rndc-key; };

4. Made sure various diretories under chroot had group write perms.
compared to original.

My assumption is that somehow the update ran under the wrong
permissions and it broke the chroot jail. Now we have our key and bind
running outside chroot. Can I just start over without losing my

I'm hoping this makes sense to somebody... I'm pretty new to this and
it's not completely clear to me. Any help is appreciated.