> I'm running 9.3.5 P2 on old Red Hat 7.3 server. BIND crashed today with
> the following:
> Aug 28 15:46:21 ns1 named[349]: mem.c:628: INSIST(((unsigned char
> *)mem)[size] == 0xbe) failed
> Aug 28 15:46:21 ns1 named[349]: exiting (due to assertion failure)
> I started BIND again and it seems to be OK.
> I'm not a programmer, so I only know that this is not normal behavior :-)
> Is it a known issue, or do you need more info? This is a production
> machine so I can't start debugging but I'll provide what I can.

If you have a core file and preferrably a non-stripped
executable then please log a bug report to bind9-bugs@isc.org
along with the location where these can be fetched from.

We need to see the stack backtrace to have any idea about
where to look for the problem.

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