I think the OP was asking how to restrict queries so that they are
honored only by specific DNS servers. That can certainly be done as
we're doing it here.

The reason for doing this might be that there are "internal" DNS servers
(e.g. Windows DNS) that all the client workstations are supposed to use
for name resolution of internal servers. There would be separate
"external" DNS servers (e.g. BIND on Linux) that are used as
authoritative servers for domains you want external people to see AND
are the ones that do the recursive lookups for zones you're not
authoritative for (e.g. google.com, yahoo.com). The "internal" DNS
servers would be configured to do lookups for everything they're not
authoritative for to the "external" servers.

We do exactly that here.

What we did (this is 9.3.4-P1 backported for the Kaminsky attack) in

1) Create an ACL:
acl "internaldns" {
10.0.x.x; 10.0.x.x;

In above the 10.0.x.x. addresses would be the IPs of the "internal" DNS

2) In "options" section restricted allow-query and allow-recursion to
internaldns ACL:
allow-query { internaldns; };
allow-recursion { internaldns; };

The allow query was to allow it to read cache. In later versions you
don't require both statements I think.

3) For each zone we were authoritative for and defined in named.conf we
allow-query { any; };

That allows anyone internal or external to query the zones. If you
wanted to actually restrict even such authoritative zones you'd just
leave out this step and the global options would restrict them.

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> Hi all,
> I use bind-9.5.0-P1 version on FreeBSD.
> This server is open to my networks outside. But I want to give
> permission only dns servers request. I don't want'to reply basic
> client
> request. Are there a configuration method for this.

stub resolvers and servers use the same protocol. There's no way I
know of to differentiate between the two. If you have a known set of
servers you want to allow, you can either use ACLs to limit access by
IP address, or TSIG to authenticate clients.
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