Having spent a few minutes doing basic arithmetic with a subset of the
values provided:

> 1886089 queries resulted in successful answer
> 3055142 queries resulted in authoritative answer
> 913 queries resulted in non authoritative answer
> 763935 queries resulted in nxrrset
> 406031 queries resulted in NXDOMAIN

I suggest the total of Authoritative and Non-Authoritative answers
(3,056,055) includes
Successful answers, nxrrset and NXDOMAIN.

Hopefully, the assertion above helps remove the confusion. Further
discovery of which
counts are included in others remains as an open challenge. Later, Ken

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JINMEI Tatuya / ???? wrote:
> At Tue, 26 Aug 2008 21:18:23 -0400,
> CB wrote:
>> I'm hoping someone can help as I am completely confused and the BIND

>> doesnt answer my questions. For one it doesnt explain what categories

>> inclusive of others, if any, which I would think some are.
>> For example:
>> I would think that authoritative answers are included in succesful
>> answers...logical but clearly cant be if you look at the numbers


> authoritative answers include nxdomain and nxrrset.
> successful answers include authoritative and non-authoritative
> answers.

And yet, the number of "successful" answers shown in the stats output
(previously posted) is significantly *lower* than the number of
"authoritative" answers. Color me confused as well.

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