Jan Buchholz wrote:
> Hallo Mark,
> 2008/8/27 Mark Andrews
>>> Hallo,
>>> the following zone runs in bind 9.3, but not in 9.4.2P2.
>>> zone examle.com {
>>> type slave;
>>> masters ....
>>> };
>>> zone foo.example.com {
>>> type forward;
>>> forwarders ...
>>> };
>>> does anybody know what i must do to run the zone in bind 9.4.2P2

>> Do you have a delegation for foo.example.com in the example.com
>> zone?

> Yes, i have a delegation in the main zone, but i can't reach the
> master server for foo.example.com in an internal network. I reach only
> a third nameserver that reach the masterserver.

Are you trying to query something that is already in cache? The
"allow-query-cache" option was added in 9.4.x, interacting in
possibly-more-restrictive ways than you're used to with allow-query and
allow-recursion. So, depending on exactly how you're configured (it
would have helped if you posted your named.conf), queries of cached data
that worked prior to 9.4.x may not work any more until and unless you
adjust your config.

To boil it down simply, in 9.4.x, if you don't have any
allow-query-cache, allow-recursion or allow-query statements in
named.conf then querying cached data will *not* work from remote
clients; it'll only work from "localhost" and "localnets".

Offhand, I can't think of any other changes from 9.3.x to 9.4.x that
would have broken your resolution.

- Kevin