As far as I understand it, it won't work because the server believes it
knows the root and it doesn't see any reason to forward it.
One possible solution, which I have never tried in a false root environment,
would be to make sure that domain you want forwarded has NS records in
db.root and then trying the zone forward.
That way the root will see that the domain exists. As I have said I haven't
tried this in a false rooted environment, but I know it is required to zone
forwarding of a child when you own the parent.
i.e. a server loads and you want a zone forwarder for
If the NS records are not in the parent to make the server realize that bar
exists, then the parent will ignore the zone forward and assume it knows
more about than named.conf does.

On Sat, Aug 23, 2008 at 10:59 AM, joeunc wrote:

> Have an internal root server with zone db.root.
> Forwarding is not turned on as global option. Tried to add two forward
> zones with forward only into the root server and it would never
> forward. NXDOMAIN on localhost digs for that forward zone. If the zone
> is delegated in the the db.root file with NS records it works
> obviusly, The internal root server is running BIND 9.2.2.
> Are there limitations on a root server having forward only zones?
> thanks
> Joe

-Ben Croswell