joeunc wrote:
> Have an internal root server with zone db.root.
> Forwarding is not turned on as global option. Tried to add two forward
> zones with forward only into the root server and it would never
> forward. NXDOMAIN on localhost digs for that forward zone. If the zone
> is delegated in the the db.root file with NS records it works
> obviusly, The internal root server is running BIND 9.2.2.
> Are there limitations on a root server having forward only zones?

You need to have delegations in order for forwarding to work. This is
not specific to "root servers"; it's true even if you only have a hints
file defined for the root zone and are trying to forward a
tertiary-level domain (e.g. sub.domain.tld) or deeper.

I'm not sure of the technical reasons for this requirement/restriction,
but I've verified it over many versions of BIND.

- Kevin