Michael Bernhardt wrote:
> I'm seeking clarity on something. I am considering using a single server
> (until we can buy a 2nd one) to serve 2 different domains in 2 separate
> address spaces. This would work for me if I could specify that for
> zone-a.com, the server only listens on interface eth0 and for zone-b.com,
> the server only listens on interface eth1.
> I haven't been able to tell from the docs if the listen-on statement can be
> used in a view? Obviously there are other issues such as setting up routes
> correctly, query-source interface, etc., but can this be done and is this
> the best way to manage it? Am I missing something big?

No, listen-on is not one of the options that can be used in a view. What
would it mean, for instance, if the listen-on in a particular view was a
subset of the global listen-on (or the implicit global listen-on
consisting of all local interfaces), and a packet came in, matching the
view, but not on an address that the view was actually "listening on"?
You have to receive a packet to match a view; by the time you do that,
you can't go back and pretend you weren't listening on the address on
which that packet was received. That doesn't make any sense, within
BIND's configuration framework.

You can, however, use match-destinations as a view selector. That's
probably the direction you want to head in.

- Kevin