Dear Admins
I installed bind9.5.1b1 on solaris 9 without any acl,,in named.conf or
setting firewall rules in solaris,,internal the server everything is
ok,named work properly and answered to all asked queries,,but out of
server ,for example from my lan,,the queries failed?
nslookup detect the server but didnt return answer!
here are my named.conf:
options {
pid-file "/opt/namesurfer/run/";
directory "/opt/namesurfer/named/namedb";
dump-file "/opt/namesurfer/named/namedb/named.dump";
recursive-clients 65536;
statistics-file "/opt/namesurfer/named/namedb/statistics";
tcp-clients 32768;
controls {
inet port 953 allow {; } ;
zone "" in {
type master;
file "localhost.rev";
zone "." in {
type hint;
file "root.cache";
why this happened? when i returned to my old bind v 9.3.5 with this
same named.conf,the problem is solved!
do i add any acl to my config? why this happened for this version of
i didnt make any special options in bind9.5.1b1 compiling,just compile