I pulled this from one of my /16 zone's , but the syntax generates
statements for each /24.

$GENERATE 0-255 $.20 PTR c75-111-20-$.unknwn.ab.dh.suddenlink.net.
$GENERATE 0-255 $.21 PTR c75-111-21-$.unknwn.ab.dh.suddenlink.net.
$GENERATE 0-255 $.22 PTR c75-111-22-$.unknwn.ab.dh.suddenlink.net.
$GENERATE 0-255 $.23 PTR c75-111-23-$.unknwn.ab.dh.suddenlink.net.
$GENERATE 0-255 $.24 PTR c75-111-24-$.unknwn.ab.dh.suddenlink.net.
$GENERATE 0-255 $.25 PTR c75-111-25-$.unknwn.ab.dh.suddenlink.net.
$GENERATE 0-255 $.26 PTR c75-111-26-$.unknwn.ab.dh.suddenlink.net.

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Subject: setting up reverse DNS to dozens of /24 networks

My client owns several dozen /24 networks but not an entire /16. All
networks are contiguous, like


the parent nameserver at ARIN delegates these one at a time.

Is there a simple way of consolidating all these into one (zone) file,
are many separate zones required, each with its own file directive in

ARIN doesn't like over summarizing your zone, so we need to specifically

match the hint record on the parent. (In other words, we can't just do a

168.192.in-addr.arpa zone on our NS because we don't own it all, and no
records exist for 128,129,130,...230.

Any ideas other than many separate zone statements and files?