> Looks like my email got screwed on its way...
> Alan_Clegg@isc.org answered to me:
> >I have no idea what you asked (what encoding was it?), but, based on the sub

> ject, no, you can't have a $INCLUDE in a dynamic zone.
> No way? Absolutely? Damn... then i gotta do that some other way... thanks any
> way

DHCP servers usually won't overwrite the "static" records.
They usually issue UPDATEs which check for the non-existance
of the record they are about to update. If that update
fails they then check that they were responsible for adding
the record before changing / deleting it. The order of the
UPDATE's may be reverse, but the effect is that other records
in the zone are not overwritten.

Remember there really is no such thing as a "static" or
"dynamic" record. There is always a external entity adding
or deleting the record.

If you are writing your own tools to perform updates you
should look at using pre-requisites.

If you are really worried keep a copy of the zone. DHCP
shouldn't overwrite the static entries. You can then use
nsupdate to manage the "static" content of the zone.


> >Hi!
> >
> >My company wants to update the old internal dns-server to the newest version

> of bind. We are also >planning to use a new management tool for our zonefile
> s.
> >
> >My plan was the following: This tool writes all static entries into a file,

> which is included into the zonefile via an $include statement. That's working
> perfectly fine....
> >As long as there are no DDNS-updates. Once the DHCP makes an update, bind ha

> s to rewrite the zonefile. At this point, the included file (with all the sta
> tics) is dumped into the main zonefile and the include statement is erased.
> >
> >With this behaviour i cannot seperate static and dynamic leases. Using seper

> ate Zones is not an option (we got 6000 Windows PCs and 5000 static entries).
> >
> >Does anyone know how to turn off the dumping behaviour? I didn't even find a

> ny hint about that feature (not a bug, i guess) on the internet
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Christian Melbinger

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