Hello All :

I have a couple of questions related to DDNS and Primary/ Secondary
Relationship of the DNS Server :

1. Is it possible to do a Zone transfer from a Slave Domain Name Server
to a Primary Domain Name Server. If yes can you please tell me what
statement will do that trick for me.

2. If I have a Master Slave configuration set up for my DNS Server with
Dynamic DNS , if the Master DNS server goes down , can the Slave DNS
Name Server perform Dyamic DNS ? I have been seeing errors ( tail -f
messages ) that it is not able to perform forward update and it fails.
When I change the type to master from slave in the named.conf file , the
forward and reverse mapping works for me. But now I have both the DNS
servers as Master , in which case I cannot perform a zone transfer. How
do I overcome this problem.

3. The goal is to have a Master/Slave configuration with DDNS working.
Even if the Master fails then the Slave should take over and continue to
perform DDNS for new devices/elements joining the network . When the
Master comes back up , then the Slave should do a Zone Transfer to the
Master and then the Master should again take the responsibility for
DDNS. Is this configuration possible.

I have been reading a couple of Books like DNS and Bind and Pro DNS and
Bind , but I have not been able to figure out this configuration.
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Have a great day ahead
Thank you
Akbar Lokhandwala