> To: comp-protocols-dns-bind@isc.org
> From: waldend@gmail.com
> Subject: How to find host names served by a specific dns server
> Date: 11 Oct 2006 00:50:37 -0700
> Hello;
> I need to find hosts served by a specific name server.
> for examle google.com served by
> ns1.google.com internet address =
> ns2.google.com internet address =
> ns3.google.com internet address =
> ns4.google.com internet address =
> I need to find out other domain names served by those servers.
> Is there a way to find this out?

There has been a TON of discussion on this very topic (all kept in the
archives) that basically boils down to this:

IF you want to find out which hosts are served by a particular name
server, the ONLY method is to get a copy of the zone and configuration
files from the particular DNS master.


Just re-read the basic note again: "I need to find specific hosts
served by a specific name server."

This is somewhat different that trying to figure out what NAMES are
served by...

To find out which hosts USE a specific name server as a resolver, you
will need to look at the resolv.conf (or windows equivalent) on ALL
machines to narrow the search down to the specific nameserver.

Given that there is some ,
this could take awhile. And you would have no guarantee, when you
finished, that you had seen all of them.

Basically, an "N-P hard problem"...

Of course, if you have access to the nameserver in question, you might
turn on "query logging" and see what IPs hit that server. (Might be the
best way to see who is using the nameserver...?)

Gregory Hicks

> it may be a program or service
> Thanks,
> David;

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