On Saturday 16 August 2008, Dawn Connelly wrote:
> How to configure DNS is a question that would take volumes to answer. Can
> you be more specific? What part of DNS are you trying to configure? I'm
> assuming you have at least tried and it didn't work. What kind of error
> messages/unexpected behaviors are you getting? We'd all love to help but
> you gotta point the cannon in the right direction.

I quite agree with Dawn! The more you give us the more we can help!
Its just possible that all you need is an MX record setup by your ISP for your
domain and then configure /etc/resolv.conf to use the ISP's public dns

> On Sat, Aug 16, 2008 at 8:22 AM, Sharad Kanekar

> > Dear All,
> > I want to configure DNS for mailserver and use this
> > mailserver to send and receive mail for my domain and relay mails through
> > ISP's relay. So please help me that how do I configure DNS I am using
> > CentOS 5.2 and Postfix 2.3.3-2.

As far as postfix is concerned you can configure it to relay all internet
bound mail to a relay host with either an ip address or a fqdn. Check the
postfix website as there is tons of info on how to setup postfix in various
contexts! The version of postfix you have is also very dated! The latest is

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